Monday, September 30, 2013

Studio 2014: Termbase Needs to be Reorganized, but How?

Studio 2014 is here! That means that many of us will be opening Projects created in Studio 2011, and it is likely that we will get an error message with some of our termbases, indicating that the termbase needs to be reorganized.

The process itself is quick and painless, but the error message Studio 2014 throws can be confusing, as it makes mention of a Termbase Management view that we will not find in Studio 2014 at all.

First of all, let us remember that Studio 2014 and Multiterm 2014 are two separate programs. If both are properly installed, we will see the two different icons on our desktop:

This is the error we get in Studio 2014 with some termbases created in Multiterm 2011.

Notice the reference to the "Termbase Management view". Once again, this is not in Studio 2014, but in Multiterm 2014, which means you have to open Multiterm 2014 (the green icon on your desktop*), where you will see the image below:

*If there is no Multiterm 2014 green icon on your desktop or anywhere in your computer, you may need to head back to your account in SDL, download and install Multiterm 2014.

Once you open Multiterm 2014, you will see the Termbase Management view on the bottom left, under the Home tab. But before you can reorganize the termbase, you need to open it. To do so, click on the File tab, and then select Open Termbase:

It is likely that while trying to open the termbase, Multiterm 2014 will throw the same error you saw earlier in Studio:

Click OK to dismiss the error message, and make sure you select the Termbase Management view on the bottom left, which should take you to this view:

Here you will see the Reorganize button on the ribbon, click on it and follow the wizard.

The reorganization process is pretty fast, so you should be done in only a few minutes, or seconds, as was the case with this small termbase.

Once the process is complete, you can go back to Studio 2014, where no further steps are needed, once you move to a segment that contains one of the terms in your newly-reorganized termbase, the term will be recognized as usual.

Termbases that throw this error only need to be reorganized once, and the reorganization procedure will not affect their functionality in Studio 2011.


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