Wednesday, January 9, 2019

SDL Trados Studio Quick Tips: Using TMX Content in Trados Studio

If you have translation memories in TMX format that you'd like to use in SDL Trados Studio, this is how you can do it.

Option 1 - TMX imported into an existing translation memory

If you already have a Trados Studio translation memory (*.sdltm) that you would like to add the contents of the TMX file to, you can import the file by following one of the procedures below.

a. In the Translation Memories view, open your existing translation memory, and click Import, then follow the steps needed to select your TMX file.

b. If your TM is active in a project, you can also start the import process from Project Settings - All Language Pairs - Translation Memories and Automated Translation.

Option 2 - New translation memory created from TMX file

If you would like to create a completely new TM from your TMX file, you can directly "open" the TMX in SDL Trados Studio. This will automatically convert the TMX to a Trados TM, by first creating the TM and then importing the TMX into the newly created TM.

a. From the Translation Memories view, select Open, and select *.tmx from the file type dropdown list.

b. The same procedure can be launched from Project Settings - All Language Pairs - Translation Memories and Automated Translation by selecting Use - File-Based Translation Memory. When this is done from Project Settings, the TM will be added to the active project.

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