Monday, August 13, 2012

Translating Word and Powerpoint Files in Two Different Environments: Trados 2007 (TagEditor & Workbench) and Studio 2011

The videos below show a basic comparison of the process involved when using Trados 2007 (Workbench and TagEditor) or Studio 2011 to translate Word and Powerpoint files.

Trados 2007 and Studio 2011 are two different programs:

Translating a Word file with Trados 2007 (Workbench):

Translating a Word file in Studio 2011:

Final target Word file from Studio:

Translating a Powerpoint file in Trados 2007 (TagEditor):

Translating a Powerpoint file in Studio 2011:


  1. Great examples of how the different tools work Nora all without getting into too much detail... very nice.

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  3. Hi Nora,
    A long time Wordfast user found the going tough with Trados (beginner wrt Trados),
    Your live examples are superb.
    Many thanks!

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